Say goodbye
to reality

Is it virtual? Is it real? It’s both: in Hyper Reality, we blur the line between these two worlds. Step into the game. Walk, touch, press, grab. In The Grid’s fully immersive VR experience, you and your friends become the protagonists of an epic escape in an unreal setting.

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Level up your escape room

It's an escape room game, taken to the next level. With virtual reality, player experiences are richer, while costs are lower. Our turnkey solution includes the room, the hardware, support, plus a new game every 6 months for the setup you already own. All in one package.

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We've got exciting news to share

With our first hyper reality game experience rolling out soon, we're headed to North America opening 3 new locations across Texas and California in Q4 2019.

In the meantime, reach out to us regarding licensing partnerships to level up your escape room or entertainment center, or keep up with our progress on social media.

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