Enter the world
of hyper reality

Is it virtual? Is it real? It’s both: in Hyper Reality, we blur the line between these two worlds. Step into the game. Walk, touch, press, grab. In The Grid’s fully immersive VR experience, you and your friends become the protagonists of an epic escape in an unreal setting.

Power up
your escape room

Step up your game with Hyper Reality. The Grid develops incredibly immersive games and hardware packages for escape room locations. Upgrade to the latest technology in the escape room business: get higher room utilization, spectacular and continuously updated game themes, and the high-tech experience your guests have been waiting for.

Location #1 • Budapest, Hungary


Located in the heart of the entertainment district in Budapest, Neverland takes the escape room concept to a whole new level. We have partnered with PanIQ Room, the pioneering US franchise to bring The Grid’s first beta experience to the Hungarian capital, the original home of escape rooms. Come check it out from Spring 2019.